Minggu, 14 Februari 2016

Pemaduan Antara Ucapan Dan Kata Kata Terbaik

Pemaduan Antara Ucapan Dan Kata Kata Terbaik - One day at a hospital in Bandung, an employee at the hospital to buy a new bag of lime and clean in the cooperative hospital. But unfortunately, because of.

the carelessness of the seller, the new chalk bag is hollow. Supposedly, limestone which contains a hundred pieces into Ninety-nine pieces. It https://katanya967.wordpress.com/2016/12/08/memang-banyak-kandungan-kata-kata-terbaik/ turns out there is a lime falling and merggelinding into the trash.

"Iiih! What place is this. Dirty, ugly, crumpled. I should be in the hospital a cool, clean, and riveting, "said the lime with overbearing. In the trash, the new limestone is still white and clean destined to study in the trash can which is inhabited also by a small chalk and filthy.

"How could it be! I'm new. I'm still clean, beautiful, slim ... "and so on. That's how the chalk Long always bragging. "You're in the trash http://katakata.tumblr.com/post/154183563999/dari-segi-ucapan-yang-dibaitkan can,said the lime filthy "WHERE I AM NOW!" Screamed chalk clean it.

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