Sabtu, 13 Februari 2016

Semua Bidang Mendapat Ucapan Pada Bidangnya

Semua Bidang Mendapat Ucapan Pada Bidangnya - I got an assignment from the office for town service, namely Banda Aceh. I'm on a plane, but the return was forced by Bus Travel Mitsubishi L300, due to the density of.

the people in going back and forth to return home. Long trip to Medan is 12 hours and the condition of its streets is a mountain road conditions, so yeah a little bit like a merry-go-round I was in it The bus.

departs at 9 pm. And after traveling about three hours, the bus stopped at a restaurant in town Bate Illik. We welcome down to rest. Some passengers who are used directly down to order food and drinks or to the restroom. It seems this resting place had been around a long time. And it turned out during the 12-hour trip, the bus stops 3 times by drivers who take turns driving.

This becomes a muse to me, is not a 12 hour trip is like a journey of human life? For a journey that only takes 12 hours, a professional driver had to stop three times to take turns driving. Especially in our lives that may take 50 s / d 60 years of age. Are we there ber

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